Trevor also creates





bespoke wedding Ceremonies

in an overseas destination of your choice

Many couples have dreamt of a wedding on a beach or favourite place in a favourite country, and can represent great value for money.

how easy is it?

The decision to have a ceremony outside the UK often causes a dilemma who still wish to have legal British marriage license, this can be resolved by a basic STATUTORY ceremony before or after you travel to your dream location.

To remove any language barrier and unknown content, I would write and perform your ceremony at your destination, your ceremony would have been written before you travel, we would have met and got to know each other and together crafted and created that perfect ceremony for you, with the content you want, with the selected family and friends of your choice.

Reassuring you both, as your wedding celebrant I would bring many unique qualities to your destination wedding, making it truly unique and personal to you, depending on the destination I may be able to offer a legal ceremony, but consider this may include local content and minister present.

But it is your day and what you want, it would be my pleasure to write and perform your ceremony, it is your day.

You may wish to take advantage of my Master of Ceremonies skills if I am to be an integral part of your day, this can be agreed, my duties as both your wedding celebrant and master of ceremonies are listed on the relevant pages.

Allow Trevor to make it truly rememberable. 

Please contact Trevor, he is happy to discuss, help and advise, please remember my aim is to create the day of your dreams.

Questions You May Have About Destination Weddings

How much does it cost

A realistic quote may be between £2000 – £6000 

How does booking & payment work

All payments to me would be in UK sterling, my ceremony fee to write and perform is all inclusive and once quoted will remain the same with no added or hidden extras

your deposit payment will be agreed between us and must meet the cost of advance booking of flights and accommodation for the nights of my stay, prior to the ceremony ( 1-3 nights ) 

What will Trevor wear

Trevor is happy to fit in with any dress code or theme you may have

Will the ceremony you conduct be legal

Yes in some destinations i.e. The USA  but not in a lot of other destinations

Where do we get legally married

The choice is yours, either marry before you travel, i.e. basic statutory ceremony ( I can guide you through )  if you are a British citizen you can get legally married and obtain a British marriage license in a UK registration office prior to traveling  


You can get legally married at the destination in a brief service prior to my full and complete ceremony

How long is the usual UK registration or overseas service

Usually all over in just 10 – 15 minutes


How long is your ceremony

My ceremonies are personal and unique and depends on the content we agree, therefore as long as you want

Who makes the marriage application and deals with the legal side

You are responsible for obtaining all the legal paperwork for your destination 

What are the benefits of having a British marriage license

This is up to you but complications could arise in the future

How do I find out the legal requirements for my destination

Start with google, or seek advice from a wedding planner

How long can it take to sort the paperwork

Wish I could say, each country is different with its own laws and requirements

Do I need to visit the British embassy when I get there

Again check local laws and regulations

Do I need to be resident in my destination country

Again check local laws and regulations

Will you work with my wedding planner

Yes of course, I will liaise with them and the venue

Do I need a wedding planner

This is a personal choice, a wedding planner will handle everything for you, they have local contacts and knowledge and expertise to help you plan


It’s Going to be Perfect!