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Here are some I get asked regularly


Do I need a toastmaster?
The quick answer is no, you don’t need a toastmaster, your wedding reception can take place without. In the same vein neither do you need any bridesmaids, a photographer, transport or a sit-down meal or buffet. It all depends on how enjoyable and memorable you want your wedding day to be.

A good wedding toastmaster will add great value and of course, professional know how to your occasion and make it even more special.

What will a toastmaster do that a hotel manager cannot?
Wedding Receptions– Civil Partnership– Ladies Festival– Award Ceremonies– Corporate Events- Products Launches- Charity Events – All Events formal or informal. Available all over Hampshire and Dorset.
Couldn’t I ask a relative to do it?
Yes you could, but the same arguments apply.

A good toastmaster knows how everything can and should be done, and is able to advise and discuss with you beforehand. He can add the necessary degree of formality and structure to make the right things happen and to keep things on track (still maintaining a sense of fun ).

Besides, why not let your relative enjoy your special day with you – stress free.

As your toastmaster, I will of course, involve your relatives and friends in speeches and other activities as you wish.

Won’t a toastmaster be too formal for my reception?
In short – NO.

The toastmaster is an organiser, announcer, and coordinator; but formality (in the sense of the red tailcoat, a clear speaking voice and authority) shouldn’t be confused with pomposity.

I always keep to what you want – for some events a strict formality in the hall is the norm. That shouldn’t be the case for your wedding – unless that’s what you want, but please ask and I will happily tailor my services to your requirements.

What sort of person should my toastmaster be?
Someone who can advise you, who has been properly trained and who can adapt to give you the day you want and in the format you want it.

He should be someone you can relate to and who has the personality and charisma to suit your event.

How much does a toastmaster cost?
Once I know the venue or the location you have chosen and the number of guests, so I can see if there may be any travel costs, I will be pleased to give you a quote.

I will make you a guarantee because I enjoy my work from planning to the first dance.

Compared to all other trained professional master of ceremonies, the cost will be less that you think.

Ask me for a quote now

My Venue tells me a Toastmaster / MC is included, so why should I need you ?
Please don’t be fooled, they will rarely offer a bona-fide red-coated professional toastmaster.

You will get an untrained member of the banqueting staff to announce your speeches, but that is all – they have many other duties through your day, like serving your Wedding breakfast!

Please don’t let your day turn in to a disaster. I have met many new brides who say they wish they had booked a Professional Toastmaster, to coordinate the running of their special day.

The service that I, as a professional Toastmaster, offer, is a full support package from the moment you arrive at the venue until the moment I place you in the capable hands of your Band/D.J. for your first dance.

In that period you will be unobtrusively supported and discreetly directed through the proceedings to ensure that the day flows as smoothly as we had planned it, so that you and your guests have a stress free day and can relax, sit back and soak up the day.



No not in England, to be legal you would still need to complete a STATUTORY service. The cost of this is only about £50, but I guarantee the ceremony I will write and perform will be bespoke and personal and unique to you.

How do I find out about the basic Statutory service
I will talk you through the questions you need to ask to get the basic service.

Registrars do not always like to offer this and can be difficult, and even suggest there is no such thing. You just refer them to the marriage rules online for England and Wales. The basic cost is £50, but I can happily talk you through all the legalities.

Can I write my own vows
Yes indeed, I think vows from your heart are the best, however, I will write vows for you or guide you if you wish.
Can you perform my ceremony anywhere

Yes! really anywhere you want or that is important to you. The top of a mountain, on a bus or even in your back garden if that’s what you want.

Could you perform my ceremony overseas
Yes, happily.  I would only need to check local law and rules so that you can be clear on the legalities.
Are you cheaper then registrar
No not always, as what I offer is a bespoke ceremony with much more content which is as unique and personal to you as your relationship is.
Can I include pets in the ceremony
Yes, pets are as welcome as any other important people in your lives.
What sort of ceremony can I have
Absolutely anything!

I really offer the full range of ceremonies from Traditional, Ancient, Handfasting, and my most popular by far is a combination of Traditional and Ancient.

Why should we choose you from all the other celebrants

I am a very experienced celebrant and have had the privilege of conducting hundreds of ceremonies – modern, traditional, non-religious, and Celtic handfasting.

Creating stress-free weddings are my speciality.

You are choosing someone to officiate your special day, you need to trust and have a connection with them – as a member of The Fellowship of Independent Celebrants I am highly trained, and as such have a proven track record and status as a celebrant.

Would you be willing to work with a religious minister or registrar
Yes, I am happy to work with others and can tailor the ceremony to be exactly what you want.
Are you able to include elements of our own religion into the ceremony
Yes definitely.  Please remember it is your day, your way.
Does it matter what religion we practice
No. You can incorporate any beliefs into your ceremony
How early do you arrive
I always arrive at least 1 hour before the ceremony, and meet with the bridegroom  30 minutes before the start
When will you meet with us
When the content of the ceremony is agreed, we will meet at the venue at least two months before
How long have you been performing weddings

Over 5 years as a celebrant.

Will we be able to contact you with any question or more information

Yes of course once booked my fee includes total support by phone or email at any reasonable time of day.

Could you help find a venue

Yes of course – I am familiar with many venues, particularly around Hampshire and The New Forest


What do you wear when performing a ceremony

Normally a suit, but am willing to don a robe for Ancient Handfasting if you wish.

Do you perform same sex ceremonies

Yes of course, I have no issues and am happy to perform your ceremony.

It’s Going to be Perfect!